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Adapter for Amazon SP-API Authentication

Adapter for Amazon SP-API Authentication
$6 500
Amazon Seller
  • Develop an SP-API Connector to bridge Orion’s Visual FoxPro application with Amazon's SP-API.
  • Enable authentication and request handling for the SP-API through the connector.
  • Get access to Amazon PII (restricted data).
  • Deliver the solution with user-friendly documentation, including examples for critical functionalities like order management and data feeds.
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About the company

Orion Telescopes & Binoculars, established in 1975, is renowned for its high-quality, affordable telescopes and binoculars. As an employee-owned company, Orion prioritizes customer satisfaction, backed by a 100% guarantee. Their diverse product range caters to all levels of astronomers, from beginners to experts, and includes a variety of binoculars for different viewing needs. Orion's direct sales approach ensures great value and quality for both amateur and advanced users.

Orion's main page

Project information

Orion's collaboration with our team resulted in a successful transition to Amazon's Selling Partner API (SP-API), enhancing their direct-to-consumer shipping process and data handling.

Our expert, Raffy, assisted in managing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and in efficiently handling Amazon CSV files. Meanwhile, our development team developed a robust solution for integrating Orion’s existing Visual FoxPro application with the SP-API.

Here you can find more information about getting access to PII. And what it takes.

Goals of the System

Orion's new system had to main goals:

  1. SP-API Authentication: Enable Orion’s Visual FoxPro application to authenticate with the SP-API.
  2. SP-API Request Execution: Facilitate the execution of SP-API requests using Orion’s existing Visual FoxPro application.

Scope of work

Seamless Integration

Ensured compatibility between the SP-API and Orion's legacy Visual FoxPro application.

Comprehensive Support

Provided extensive support for all SP-API endpoints.

User-Friendly Documentation

Offered detailed guides and practical examples for key API functions.

Modern Implementation

Utilized AWS Lambda, NodeJS, and TypeScript for a reliable and scalable solution.

SP-API endpoints used
3 weeks
Project time
Deltologic experts involved
Adapter for Amazon SP-API Authentication

Tech diagram and system description

Before implementation of the system, we provided Orion with the development plan and tech diagram.

Orion's Tech Diagram

Elements of the System

SP API Connector

  • Role: Serves as an intermediary between the SP-API and Orion’s Visual FoxPro platform, handling authentication and proxying requests.
  • Functionality: Supports all SP-API endpoints, ensuring comprehensive access and control.
  • Delivery: Accompanied by detailed documentation and examples for executing critical tasks like order retrieval and report downloading.
  • Implementation: Developed using AWS Lambda, NodeJS, and TypeScript for efficient and scalable operation.


We successfully assisted Orion by developing an SP-API connector for their Visual FoxPro application. This development provided Orion with access to PII-restricted data, enabling them to gain comprehensive information about their customers. As a result, Orion received a detailed report outlining all completed tasks, along with additional support from our team.

Our collaboration continues in various other areas of their business, further enhancing their operational efficiency.

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