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Do you have a SaaS platform that could use a functional boost or require consistent maintenance? Or are you at the cusp of developing a brand-new software-as-a-service product? You've landed in the perfect spot! On this page, we'll dive deeper into how Deltologic can elevate your SaaS journey.

How Can We Help You?

Ready to give your SaaS product a supercharge? No problem. Need to tweak an existing tool? We’ve got you. Dreaming of building a digital masterpiece from scratch? That’s our kind of challenge! Or maybe you just want to chat over coffee about the next big SaaS breakthrough? Count us in.

  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support: In the digital world, change is the only constant. Our ongoing maintenance and support ensure your SaaS product is not just coping, but excelling. From routine updates to troubleshooting, we're here to keep your software running smoothly.
  • Enhancing Existing SaaS Products: Have an existing SaaS product that needs a little extra spark? We specialize in enhancing and refining what you've already built. Our team brings fresh perspectives and technical expertise to elevate your product’s performance and user experience.
  • Code Reviews and Consulting: Quality and efficiency are paramount in SaaS products. Our comprehensive code reviews and consulting services are designed to refine your codebase, ensuring it's efficient, scalable, and robust. It's about optimizing your software to its full potential.
  • Building New SaaS Products from Scratch: Got a groundbreaking idea? We have the skills to bring it to life. Our team is adept at building new SaaS products from the ground up, turning your innovative ideas into practical, market-leading solutions.
Meet Tomasz, one of our skilled engineers specializing in SaaS development

Our approach

360° Agency

We are your all-in-one solution. Our team handles every aspect of your project – from development and UX design to the fine details.

Access Unique Expertise

Our focused expertise means you get unparalleled insights and strategies tailored specifically for marketplace-related SaaS products.

Going Beyond Development

We're excited to promote your SaaS through our podcast and social media, helping you connect with your first clients and kickstart your journey.

The Art of SaaS Development:
A Constructive Analogy

At Deltologic, we often find ourselves likening the process of building software to the construction of a house. Why this analogy, you might wonder? It's simple: both endeavors demand a robust foundation, imaginative design, and huge attention to detail.

Building Internal Tools: Crafting Your Dream Home

So, imagine crafting an internal tool as you would your dream home. It's a process that's deeply personal, entirely customized to suit your individual needs. Think of a user interface as cozy and welcoming as your dream kitchen, or a back-end as reliable as the foundation of your home. This approach to software development is all about creating something that resonates with you on a personal level, tailored precisely to your preferences and requirements.

SaaS Development: The Architectural Challenge

In contrast, developing a SaaS product is akin to designing and constructing an apartment complex. This task goes beyond just catering to individual needs; it's about creating a versatile and scalable environment that accommodates a wide array of preferences and requirements. It's a challenging endeavor, requiring a broad perspective to ensure that every 'apartment' — or feature — in your SaaS product is not only functional but also appealing and meets the diverse needs of its users.

Deltologic - Building SaaS Products for Marketplace Sellers

Your Expert SaaS Architects

You can think of us as the architects who've spent years studying the landscape of online marketplaces. We know the ins and outs, the ups and downs, and everything in between.

Building a SaaS product with us is not just about writing lines of code; it's about leveraging this deep understanding to create software that not only functions flawlessly but also fits perfectly into the world of online selling. Whether you aim to develop a unique SaaS repricer, a sophisticated listing builder, an insightful analytics platform, or an efficient campaign manager, we have the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life.

Let's Build Something Remarkable Together

Ready to elevate your SaaS offering? Let's talk. We're excited to join forces and help you create something unique - a product that not only stands out in the market but also stands the test of time.

Deltologic - Marketplace SaaS Development Experts

Services for SaaS companies

Marketplace Data Integration

Effortlessly synchronize your SaaS product with various marketplace platforms, ensuring seamless and real-time data updates.

Integrate with marketplace platforms

Custom Software Development

Bring your unique SaaS vision to life with our custom development services, ensuring your product stands out in the SaaS landscape.

Build your own SaaS products

Marketplace Data Extraction

By tapping into rich data sources, your SaaS product can deliver advanced analytics and strategic insights for your users.

Deliver analytics to your users

Tech Consulting

Our expert consultants dive deep into your SaaS project, offering personalized strategies, code reviews, and optimization solutions.

Optimize your SaaS product

How does the SaaS development process look like?


Discovery call

We'll begin with a call to understand your existing SaaS product or to discuss the features of your new solution.



Next, we'll provide an estimation, outlining the scope, timeline, and cost to set clear expectations for the project.



Using agile methodologies, we develop, test, and refine your SaaS product, keeping you updated at every step.



Once your product is up and running, our maintenance services ensure it stays efficient and up-to-date.

Frequently asked questions

We've put this list together to give you quick and easy answers to questions you might have when reading about our SaaS development services. If you don't find the answer to your question, don't hesitate to contact our team. We will be more than happy to help you out!

I have a software idea, but I am not sure about all its features. Can you help me to validate it?

Yes, we hold workshops with clients as part of our services. They usually last from 16 hours to 80 hours, during which we deep dive into the software's functionality and help you design the concept.

I want to develop a custom solution but it's not related to Amazon or any other marketplace. Can I still build it with you?

Yes, we are a software agency and work with clients from many different industries, such as logistics, agriculture, automotive, etc. We possess unique know-how in the marketplace field, but we are not limiting ourselves to just this niche.

How are you estimating the prices of your custom solutions?

We always provide you with a transparent cost estimate. We calculate this estimation based on our hourly development rate. You may pay this amount in monthly instalments, but in the case of larger projects, we will usually require some down payment to get started. This way of estimation provides you with many benefits: you will know exactly how much the solution costs, you don’t have to worry about any revisions, and paying in instalments will smooth out your cash flow.

Who owns the tool after you build it?

Once the project is completed and implemented, the client legally owns everything necessary to build, maintain, or extend the software in the future, such as "executable" files, scripts, project files, source code, etc.

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