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Amazon MWS to SP-API migration for top 20 seller

Amazon MWS to SP-API migraion for Top 20 seller
Big Fly
$20 000
Amazon Seller
  • API Migration: Successfully migrated BigFly from Amazon MWS to SP-API, enhancing their operational efficiency.
  • Better Functionality: Upgraded FBM order and listing management capabilities, integrating new features for a comprehensive solution.
  • Customized Coding: Tailored BigFly's source code to optimize performance and user experience.
  • Efficient Integration: Implemented a smooth transition to SP-API with minimal downtime, ensuring continuity in BigFly's operations.
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About the company and problem

BigFly, an established e-commerce reseller and a Top 20 Amazon Seller, specializes in increasing product visibility and managing efficient supply chains. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Secaucus, NJ, BigFly focuses on end-to-end e-commerce solutions including content management, advertising, logistics, and brand protection.

Big Fly

Help with MWS to Amazon SP-API migration

Deltologic assisted BigFly in transitioning from Amazon MWS to the newer SP-API. This project involved rewriting and optimizing BigFly's source code for improved FBM order management and listing management. Deltologic's expertise facilitated a streamlined transition, adding significant enhancements to BigFly's operational framework.

Scope of work

Code Optimization

Improved BigFly's existing source code to align with the new SP-API standards.

FBM Order Management

Developed advanced functionalities for Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) order management.

Listing Management Enhancement

Implemented sophisticated listing management features to boost BigFly's e-commerce efficiency.

Ongoing Support

Provided continuous support and updates during and after the migration process.

Better performance of new code
MWS endpoints migrated
Deltologic team members invoved
Amazon MWS to SP-API migraion for Top 20 seller


The migration from Amazon MWS to SP-API led to a significant improvement in BigFly's Amazon operations. The new system has provided faster processing times and enhanced reliability, contributing to a better overall user experience. The addition of new functionalities in FBM order and listing management has streamlined BigFly's processes, allowing them to handle increased volume and complexity with ease.

The overall project progressed smoothly and without issues. Throughout the migration process, we enhanced the code quality, accelerated the script speeds, and incorporated the latest programming trends. The old MWS code, being over 6 years old and no longer supported, needed updating. Now, BigFly can fully concentrate on their business and serve their customers more effectively.

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