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Amazon SP-API consulting for custom apparel seller

Advanced Google Sheets App for Bookkeeping company that server Amazon sellers
Ann Arbor Tees
Amazon Seller
  • Provided in-depth Amazon SP-API and data security setup through hands-on guidance.
  • Delivered comprehensive support including custom reports, coding guidance, and expert conversations.
  • Developed tailored Ruby scripts for order management and shipping processes, enhancing operational flow.
  • 20h of consulting with Deltologic's CTO
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About the company and problem

Ann Arbor Tees, a favourite for custom apparel in Michigan, reached out for Deltologic's expertise to streamline their online sales process. We offered 20h of consulting services, focusing on setting up and utilizing Amazon's Selling Partner API and creating custom Ruby scripts.

Ann Arbor T-Shirt company

Help with Amazon SP-API

Ann Arbor utilized a 20-hour consulting package for one-on-one sessions with our CTO. We assisted them in setting up the Amazon SP-API from scratch, connecting to the API using Ruby code, and integrating it with their existing system.

Additionally, we helped them gain access to Amazon's sensitive data, including PII Access. For programming, we created custom scripts to streamline their ordering and shipping processes.

Scope of work

Setup Amazon SP-API

We successfully configured direct connections between the Amazon SP-API and Ann Arbor Tees' systems, ensuring seamless integration and efficient data flow.

Applying for Restricted PII roles

Our team helped in the process of applying for restricted PII roles in Amazon SP-API

Coded custom Ruby scripts

We coded custom Ruby scripts specifically designed to make Ann Arbor Tees' order processing and shipping more efficient.

In-depth Consulting and Training

Ann Arbor Tees participated in a detailed 20-hour consulting program, which featured practical training and interactive sessions with Deltologic's CTO

Hours of consulting package
Custom Ruby scripts
Deltologic team members invoved
Advanced Google Sheets App for Bookkeeping company that server Amazon sellers


Ann Arbor Tees utilized 20 hours of consulting over two months. They successfully set up access to the SP-API, gained access to restricted data (PII), and automated two of their processes using custom Ruby scripts. Our CTO, Jakub Riegel, and Head of Project Management, Raffy Kumruyan, engaged in several calls with the client, providing solutions to their challenges.

Additionally, we compiled a detailed report document for them, ensuring they have a reference to revisit for refreshing their knowledge as needed. We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration with Ann Arbor Tees on future projects.

If you need help with development / tech / SP-API or ADs API contact us today and ask for consulting package.

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