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Automated monitoring system for Amazon agency

Automated Monitoring System for Amazon Agency
eGrowth Partners
$15 000
Amazon Agency
  • Automated collection of Amazon compliance reports.
  • Continuous, automated monitoring of client account health.
  • Real-time updates on compliance status.
  • Streamlined integration with Jira dashboard.
  • Scalable solution for increasing client base.

"They care about the project's success"

Cynthia Stine
CEO, eGrowth Partners

Automated Monitoring System for Amazon Agency

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Watch this 2 minutes video recorded by Raffy, our Project Manager, to learn more about the solution we created for a Texas-based Amazon agency eGrowth Partners:

No more manual account health monitoring.

The automated compliance monitoring system and notifications tool collects data from numerous Amazon Seller Accounts of eGrowth Partners' clients and consolidates it into Jira projects.
Here's how it works:

  1. Data Collection: Our system collects compliance reports from the SP-API, such as negative feedback, reimbursements, account health, etc.
  2. Automated Monitoring: Our system continuously scans for these reports and puts them into Jira projects.
  3. Real-Time Updates: eGrowth employees can monitor the account health of their clients through the Jira dashboard, receiving real-time updates about any compliance issues that need their attention.

Scope of work

Time-Saving Monitoring

Eliminates frequent logins with an automated system for monitoring Amazon accounts.

Real-Time Account Health Data

Provides eGrowth employees with instant updates on client account statuses.

Proactive Issue Detection

Continuously scans for negative feedback and compliance issues.

Customizable and Scalable

Tailored to eGrowth's specific needs and capable of handling growing data volumes.

months of project development
Team members
SP-API Endpoints used
Automated Monitoring System for Amazon Agency

How did the development process look like?

The development process of the Notifications tool consisted of three steps:
First, we worked with eGrowth to design a solution that met their needs.
Second, we created an automated compliance monitoring system.
Finally, we implemented it and until now work with eGrowth on their next tools.

What are the results?

As a result, our integration allows eGrowth employees to easily monitor the account health of their clients and take proactive steps to address any issues that may arise. It allows eGrowth employees to fix those issues before they become major problems.

The main advantage is that eGrowth's Amazon account managers are no longer required to repeatedly log into each seller's Amazon Seller Central throughout the day to monitor any new issues related to the account's health. They are now efficiently alerted when a new task is automatically generated in Jira.

Additionally, client satisfaction has enhanced, as eGrowth can easily compile a weekly report containing essential data about the account's compliance, keeping their clients well-informed and current.

One of the key advantages of this integration is that it is highly customizable. It's easy to built upon and we will surely integrate even more data with Jira in the future!

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"The project manager genuinely cares about the success of the project. Whenever we’ve run into issues, their team has been able to overcome them, showing problem-solving skills and a proactive approach."

Cynthia Stine
CEO, eGrowth Partners
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