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Custom repricing software for European seller

Custom Repricing Software for European seller
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Amazon Seller
  • Custom Repricing Software: Developed a bespoke repricing tool for PakTrade, tailored to their unique needs as an Amazon seller in Europe.
  • Efficient Buy Box Acquisition: Automated the process of monitoring and adjusting prices to consistently win the Buy Box across various Amazon marketplaces.
  • Intelligent Rule Application: Integrated custom rules within Google Sheets to dynamically adjust pricing strategies.
  • Multi-Platform Adaptability: Enabled seamless functionality across multiple Amazon marketplaces (,,, etc.), considering regional variations
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About the company and problem

PakTrade, an Amazon seller based in Austria, operates across various European Amazon platforms. They offer a mix of their own brand products and other items, necessitating a competitive pricing strategy to stand out among other sellers.

PakTrade on Amazon

Project information

Deltologic was tasked with building a custom repricing software for PakTrade. The goal was to automate their daily routine of checking and adjusting prices on Amazon to gain the Buy Box advantage.

The software needed to work across different Amazon marketplaces, account for regional price variations, and be able to apply pricing rules effectively based on the client's strategy.

Scope of work

Automation of Daily Pricing Routine

Transformed PakTrade's manual process of checking and adjusting prices into an automated system.

Custom Google Sheets Integration

Utilized Google Sheets to manage and apply unique pricing rules for different ASINs.

Regional and Login Variability

Configured the system to check prices with considerations for regional postal codes and user login states.

Real-time Pricing Adjustments

Ensured the software could dynamically adjust pricing rules to increase the likelihood of winning the Buy Box.

ASINs tracked
Monitoring and repricing
Increased ownership of Buy Box
Custom Repricing Software for European seller


The new software we made for PakTrade really improved how they set prices on Amazon. It made checking prices and applying rules automatic, so PakTrade could handle lots of products on different Amazon sites more easily. The software was smart enough to change prices based on where people live and whether they are logged in. This meant better and more effective prices.

Because of this, PakTrade won the Buy Box more often, which helped them sell more and work more efficiently. Automating these tasks also saved a lot of time and effort, letting PakTrade spend more time on growing their Amazon business

Our client quickly recouped their investment, primarily by winning the Buy Box more often, which led to increased sales. We are continuing our collaboration with PakTrade, focusing on automating other aspects of their business.

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