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FBM and FBA Amazon orders automation

FBM and FBA Amazon orders automation
Hisco Inc.
$ 70 000
  • We began working with Hisco by migrating their old MWS codebase to SP-API and upgrading it for better performance.
  • Our team built new systems for managing Hisco's FBM and FBA orders more efficiently.
  • Connected with Hisco's ERP system and 3rd party solutions.
  • Adjusted automations for every edge case that showed up during testing phase.

"I am pleased with Deltologic's results and look forward to a long-term partnership with their capable team."

Ana Bennett
Vice President of IT, Hisco, Inc.

Introduction to Hisco Inc.

For over half a century, Hisco Inc. has consistently provided customers with high-quality products and process solutions, bolstered by a substantial local inventory. Presently, its extensive international branch network encompasses 32 stocking locations: 23 within the United States (including Puerto Rico), eight under the HiscoMex subsidiary in Mexico, and one managed by HiscoCan in Canada. Furthermore, the company boasts five converting facilities for added-value fabrication and bespoke repackaging services.

Hisco Inc. also specializes in vendor-managed inventory programs alongside dedicated warehousing for chemical management, cold storage, and logistical services.

Hisco's homepage

Beginning of Collaboration

Our engagement with Hisco began in 2022 when they encountered challenges with their Amazon automation scripts. Seeking a software partner to transition from MWS to SP-API, they reached out to us. This began our collaboration.

We started complex process of rebuilding their codebase, migrating all essential endpoints to the new SP-API. The project involved more than just moving code. The legacy code, plagued with outdated components, inefficient libraries, and suboptimal functions, demanded significant enhancements. We did more than update the code; we also carefully tested the whole system, building a strong foundation for our ongoing collaboration.

Scope of work

Seamless Integration

Ensured compatibility between the new system and Hisco's ERP system.

Comprehensive Support

Provided extensive support during development and testing phase to ensure that all orders information is saved.

FBM and FBA Order Management

Our team developed robust systems to streamline Hisco's FBM and FBA order processes, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Modern Implementation

Utilized AWS services, NodeJS, and TypeScript for a reliable and scalable solution.

Years of working together
Team member involved
Faster ordering process
FBM and FBA Amazon orders automation

FBM Orders Automation Project

Regarding the FBM orders automation, we developed a system that integrates the API of various software – Digital Shipper for shipping, Blackbox for packaging, their internal ERP, and the Amazon SP-API. This system feeds new orders into the ERP, optimizes shipping methods (selecting between Amazon or their own carriers), and manages shipping label procurement. The tracking ID is then automatically updated in Amazon or the ERP, as appropriate. Implementing this system in a real-world production environment presented unique challenges, but we navigated them successfully, ensuring smooth and efficient automation.

FBA Orders Automation Project

Parallelly, we worked on an automation system for FBA orders. This system integrates new Amazon orders into the internal ERP, updating them based on their status (Pending Payment, Payment Complete, Shipped, etc.). It incorporates a complex logic to manage stock levels, flagging orders with specific HOLD STATUS in the ERP for clear communication. Despite facing various challenges in the live environment, the project was executed seamlessly, greatly aiding Hisco in achieving their objectives.


Our collaboration with Hisco continues to grow as we work on multiple projects, further strengthening our business relationship. At Deltologic, our focus is on building long-term partnerships. We have interviewed Ana Bennett, VP of IT at Hisco Inc. and asked questions about our collaboration. You can watch it here.

We strive to be the go-to technological ally for our clients, providing dependable solutions for every tech challenge – from simple Amazon integrations to complex enterprise solutions built from scratch. We are committed fully to support all of them!

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"I am pleased with the outcomes and look forward to future collaborations with Deltologic. Our confidence in their team is solid, and we anticipate a long-term partnership in the years ahead."

Ana Bennett
Vice President of IT, Hisco, Inc.
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