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Google Sheets automation for bookkeeping company

Advanced Google Sheets App for Bookkeeping company that server Amazon sellers
Ridge Paragon
$11 500
Amazon Bookkeeping
  • Developed a robust Google Sheet-based dashboard interfacing with Amazon SP-API and Ads API for real-time data analytics.
  • Integrated a custom-built, multi-module system to automate data aggregation and reporting processes.
  • Delivered a data connector solution, fetching and processing data asynchronously from Amazon.
  • Implemented a user-friendly Dashboard Manager to allow Ridge Paragon's team to efficiently manage data dashboards.
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About the company and problem

Ridge Paragon is book keeping company with the heavy focus on marketplaces.  They are using a lot of data to discover the actionable insights that transfors financial posture, for the better. Helping sellers on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, Walmart.

They came to use with a problem of not having a data integrated to a one place. They needed to have sophisticated data management tool to gather data from multiple Amazon accounts. We create customized, advanced Google Sheet that gathers all necessary data from multiple sources. Before this, they had to manually download reports for each client from Amazon seller central and ads console, and put them to one place.

Ridge Paragon's website

Our solution

The system comprises multiple components: the Core Server, Data Connector, Data warehouse, Google Sheets dashboard and Dashboard Manager. These elements work collaboratively to ensure data integrity, timely updates, and robust performance.

Ridge Paragon tech diagram

Core Server:

  • Function: Serves as the system's backbone, managing, modifying, and aggregating data.
  • Implementation: Utilizes NodeJS, NextJS, and TypeScript.

Data Connector:

  • Function: Asynchronously retrieves data from Amazon and other external sources, processes it, and stores it in the main database.
  • Implementation: Employs AWS Lambda, NodeJS, and TypeScript.

Data Warehouse:

  • Function: Acts as the primary data storage facility within the system.
  • Implementation: Built on AWS RDS and PostgreSQL.

Google Sheet Dashboard:

  • Function: Acts as the user interface, where all data is presented in an accessible Google Sheets format, available to Ridge Paragon's employees and clients.
  • Implementation: Developed using ReactJS and TypeScript.

Dashboard Manager:

  • Function: Manages data refreshes across all dashboards created from templates. It includes a user interface for the Ridge Paragon team to register new dashboards, and manage existing ones, including synchronization settings.
  • Technologies: Incorporates Next.js, AWS Lambda, DynamoDb.

Scope of work

Centralized Core Server

Conceptualization and execution involved the utilization of NodeJS, NextJS, and TypeScript for data management and modification.

Data Connector

The deployment involved utilizing AWS Lambda for fetching and preprocessing data from Amazon into the main database.

Data Warehouse

The establishment of the Data Warehouse was implemented with AWS RDS and PostgreSQL to ensure secure storage of all system data.

App Client

The design involves a web browser application embedded in Google Sheets to facilitate direct user interaction with the system.

Ridge Paragon's clients
Amazon SP-API and ADs reports
Time saved compared to manual process
Advanced Google Sheets App for Bookkeeping company that server Amazon sellers

Reports from Amazon SP-API included:

  • GET_FBA_STORAGE_FEE_CHARGES_DATA: This report provided detailed insights into the storage fees applied to Ridge Paragon’s inventory stored at Amazon's fulfillment centers, aiding in the management of logistics expenses.
  • GET_V2_SETTLEMENT_REPORT_DATA_FLAT_FILE: A comprehensive report that broke down sales, returns, and other financial transactions within a settlement period, crucial for financial reconciliation and revenue tracking.
  • GET_FBA_FULFILLMENT_CUSTOMER_RETURNS_DATA: It detailed customer return data for items fulfilled by Amazon, which is vital for assessing product satisfaction and return rates.
  • GET_MERCHANT_LISTINGS_ALL_DATA: Offered a snapshot of Ridge Paragon’s product listings on Amazon, allowing for optimization of product visibility and sales strategy.
  • GET_FLAT_FILE_ALL_ORDERS_DATA_BY_ORDER_DATE_GENERAL: A report that listed all orders, including detailed order information, which helped Ridge Paragon to understand sales trends and order fulfillment efficiency.

Reports from Amazon Ads API included:

  • Sponsored Display Product Ads: Enabled analysis of the performance of Ridge Paragon’s display ads, helping in optimizing advertising spend for better ROI.
  • Sponsored Product Advertised Product: Focused on product-level performance data for sponsored products, providing insights into sales driven by paid search.


Our partnership with Ridge Paragon proved to be highly effective. We successfully automated their labor-intensive process of collecting data from Amazon SP-API and Ads API, which previously consumed numerous hours each month for every client.

The new system now operates seamlessly. Additionally, the ease of onboarding new clients through the Dashboard Manager is a significant improvement. We are currently developing a new dashboard in a standalone web application, eliminating the need for Google Sheets.

Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our clients. Ridge Paragon's investment in this custom software paid off quickly, not only in terms of hours saved through automation but also by adding value to their business with a unique software solution.

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