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Order automation for Amazon seller with custom printing products

Order automation for Amazon seller with custom printing products
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Amazon Seller
  • Advanced Orders Processing: Seamlessly integrated with Amazon's SP-API for immediate order customization.
  • Flexible Storage Solutions: Used Google Drive for secure, accessible data storage.
  • Adaptable to Amazon's Dynamics and Designs: Tailored to handle Amazon's changing formats and varied stickers designs.
  • Improved Order Efficiency: Speeded up order processing and customization, streamlining Wraplab's operations.

"Extremely fast and professional team."

William Speth
CEO, Wraplab

About the company and problem

Wraplab approached us with a significant challenge: their business lacked integration with Amazon's customization options for their products. Customers were purchasing custom cups on Amazon and uploading designs in various formats and resolutions. Consequently, Wraplab had to manually format all this order information and forward it to the printing company for the production of the custom-made cups.

To enhance their efficiency and meet customer demands, they required a quick, error-free order processing system. We provided them with a solution that involved automated processes.

Our solution

The system comprises two main components: the Orders Data Processor and the Storage System. These elements work in tandem to ensure data integrity, timely updates, and robust performance.

Wraplab's Tech diagram

Orders Data Processor:

This crucial module of the system interfaces directly with the Amazon SP-API. It automatically downloads customization information for each new order, ensuring up-to-date management of incoming requests. The processor then generates a printable graphic, which is automatically saved to a designated location.

This workflow is entirely automated, offering efficiency and consistency in order processing. The output includes an image attached to each order, along with essential details such as the order ID, order ID barcode, cup type, and quantity. We implemented this using AWS Lambda, NodeJS and TypeScript.

Storage System:

Clients had the option to select from various popular storage services (Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, or email) based on their preferences and existing IT infrastructure. We final decision was Google Drive. This service offers secure, accessible cloud storage, ensuring the safekeeping and easy retrieval of processed order data and generated graphics. The integration between our Orders Data Processor and Google Sheets ensures a streamlined workflow.

Scope of work

Enhanced Processing Efficiency

The new system significantly reduced the time from order receipt to processing, streamlining operations.

Flexibility and Scalability

With various data storage options, the solution was seamlessly integrated into Wraplab’s existing IT framework.

Customization Capability

The ability to handle different mug types and incorporate design elements on-the-fly was a game-changer, ensuring product uniqueness without sacrificing speed or quality.

Project Timeline

The development and testing phases, completed in just 14 work days.

Daily orders
SP-API endpoints used
Time saved compared to manual process
Order automation for Amazon seller with custom printing products


We successfully developed and implemented the entire system in just two weeks, meeting Wraplab's urgent needs. This process also involved thorough testing and quality assurance, ensuring that any issues were promptly addressed and resolved. As a result, our client received a fully functional solution, ready for immediate use in their production environment.

Wraplab's Amazon store


Wraplab's issue was effectively addressed through this straightforward automation project. They will no longer spend countless hours each month manually collecting and formatting data from Amazon to provide to the printing company. Instead, they can now concentrate on expanding their business and increasing sales. Currently, we are continuing our collaboration with Wraplab, focusing on resolving other challenges in their business.

Our goal is to foster long-term partnerships, serving as a reliable tech ally for our clients.

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"The team delivered the full solution in just a week, something that previous developers couldn't achieve in 8 months. I highly recommend them for their exceptional skills in Amazon SP-API development."

William Speth
CEO, Wraplab
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