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eCommerce platform with product customization

Deltologic at Wunderpen GmbH Office
Wunderpen GmbH
$110 000
Advertising company
  • User-Friendly Webshop: Simplified card design process for customers.
  • Advanced Customization: Options for canvas, templates, text, fonts, and personal handwriting digitalization.
  • Efficiency Boost: Streamlined card creation and shipping process.
  • Increased Sales: Enhanced online sales of customizable greeting cards.

“The system boosted our capabilities”

Peter Lecour
CEO, Wunderpen GmbH

About the company

Wunderpen is a Berlin-based company that creates greeting cards written by in-house developed robots that digitalize human handwriting.
The company approached us with a unique challenge: to digitalize their fully customizable gift cards and letters.

Deltologic at Wunderpen's HQ

We rose to the challenge and created a fully customized webshop that perfectly fits the unique needs of this innovative company.
Watch this short video recorded by Raffy, our Project Manager, to learn more about the custom e-commerce we created for Wunderpen:

Scope of work

User-friendly experience

We allowed customers to easily create their own cards without any difficulties, making the experience more enjoyable.

Increased customization

We gave customers the ability to choose their desired canvas, create their own templates, write text, and choose fonts.

Improved efficiency

The software solution streamlined the entire process of creating and shipping greeting cards and letters.

Increased online sales

Wunderpen was able to digitalize the sales of its unique greeting cards and letters and offer an innovative service.

Years of working together
Team members
Growth in Online Sales
Deltologic at Wunderpen GmbH Office

What are the results?

Our solution allowed Wunderpen's customers to create their own greeting cards and letters, choose their desired canvas, create their own templates, write free text on every single card, and choose between different fonts and font sizes.We even gave them the ability to digitalize their own font, so it looks like they wrote the cards themselves by hand.

Our software streamlined the entire process, from creating the cards to shipping them directly to the recipients, all while providing a seamless, user-friendly experience.

Wunderpen Webshop Main Screen
Wunderpen Webshop Main Screen

When enterprise clients place orders exceeding 1,000 cards, verifying the recipients' data on the same day can be challenging. To address this, every order can be saved as a draft and accessed later, giving clients ample time to ensure all information is accurate.

Frequently, enterprise clients wish to send identical cards with varied greetings (perhaps for different occasions) to the same recipients. They can effortlessly reload a previous order by selecting "Re-order". Then, all that remains is to modify the card's message template and place the order again.

Drafts in Wunderpen's Webshop

Another great feature is that clients can design a letter template by selecting the salutation type, font, and font size, adding content, and incorporating variables into the text. The font is previewed instantly, providing a "what you see is what you get" experience.

Designing the card

How did the development process look like?

The development process of the e-commerce project consisted of four steps:
First, we worked with Wunderpen to identify the platform's key functionalities.
Second, we met on design consultations to create the website's UX and UI.
Third, we developed it while our Project Manager communicated with the client.
And finally, we are maintaining the platform while expanding its functionalities.


We've been working with Wunderpen for over three years now. Our main project together has been developing an online shop where anyone can design and order their own postcards. Feel free to check it out here.

But that's not all - we also work with Wunderpen every day on other projects that help them run their business and serve big clients better. We're all about building strong, lasting partnerships. We don't just finish a project and disappear. Our aim is to be a trusted tech partner for our clients and grow alongside them. This is how we've been working successfully with Wunderpen.

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"Deltologic's design and development team far exceeded my expectations on every front. The e-commerce system they implemented has not only boosted our capabilities, but also automated our operations, making us more efficient."

Peter Lecour
CEO, Wunderpen GmbH
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