Complete Amazon Software Tools Guide 2023

November 14, 2023
Complete Amazon Software Tools Guide 2023


We have discovered (and/or invented) some great applications which help you streamline your processes, communicate with buyers/vendors, and keep your business neatly organized. Especially if you feel as if a particular part of your business needs to be optimized, an application of this kind may end up being a game-changer for your Amazon business.

The more efficient you are, the more potential you have. Although, you ought to stay effective and make sure you’re doing the right things - automate processes.

However, the term “application” has a very wide adoption. Nowadays, there are mobile, web, and locally installed. A ton of these apps are free for users. Others have a one-time purchase price or a recurring fee. Needless to mention, you are rarely going to get what you truly need in exchange for simply clicking a download button.

The problem here would be that spending hard-earned income by itself would not necessarily propel you to a much better place.

We are here to share information we’ve gathered from both selling on Amazon and using our custom tools to do so, as well as having consulted countless Amazon sellers. We are proud that our client list also includes Fortune 500 companies and world-renowned research centers.

In this post, we will focus on apps and the opportunities they bring for Amazon sellers (yes, and some case studies).

As we already mentioned, an app could do nearly everything. Some solutions partially or fully automate a single process. Others do that for a multitude of processes (e.g., your whole ordering process). However, just like every seller, every app is different.

So here’s an example of what I mean - what one could rate as a number one warehouse management solution in their blogpost, can be of hardly any benefit to someone that’s developing their own, slightly different operations.

Mostly, applications presented within this guide are mobile and will serve as examples for automating Amazon business processes.

As we start with the basics which literally any seller can benefit from, we will gradually move into the opportunities of optimizing different processes.

Before we start

Each application's functionalities can be scaled up and deepened in their purpose.

Keep in mind: Although the entry fee might be little to none, enterprise plans of tools can quickly add up to a serious sum.

Developing your own custom tools is always an option.

Feel free to inspire yourself with the functionalities we have listed in our guide, gather the ones you’d enjoy working with and you will be perfectly set up for your initial consultation.

Amazon Basics

These core apps will serve as an example of crucial processes sellers need remote access to, as well as illustrate great optimization possibilities.

Amazon Seller App
Developed by Amazon, the app allows you to see the basic stats when it comes to the state of your business on an easy-to-read dashboard.

The Amazon Seller App’s functions allow sellers to:
- View sales and offers data
- Take products photos
- Create listings
- Change/update listings
- Check current prices
- Manage inventory
- View fees
- Manage orders
- Communicate with customers
- Authorize returnsIssue refunds
- View payment settings


If you often find yourself in a need to quickly check up on competitor products (prices, amount of items, product-matching, etc.), this app allows you to do that for free.

However, you can also:
- Use this information to your advantage
- Perform basic research in an easy, intuitive user interface

That’s quite a lot to begin with - an amazing baseline.

As you grow your business, you would most likely need a lot more than that - Excel sheets, notes in the warehouse, and a ton of other data points. Not to start with using different apps for each process of your business. For example, the lack of a unified dashboard would make selling on different Amazon marketplaces a difficult thing to do.

However, we connect hundreds of data points, process data, and make calculations at scale. Our calculations can translate in statistically sound automated best product suggestions. All this data can nowadays flow precisely as you’d like it to, thus you can view and analyze it in any granularity you like.

→ See what we created with our partner.

Product Monitoring/Scouting Tools

As the Amazon app allows you to scan barcodes and lookup matches, there are more sophisticated subscription-based scanning apps that allow you to scan a barcode and see how much you can make selling that item, for example. Some apps also have a built-in scanner.

Typically, what an app of this sort allows a seller to do is:

Access postage rates and fees
Calculate ROI/net profit
Analyze different breakdowns of the profit calculation
See restrictions for an item
Add an item to a buy list
Find the weight of an item
Search prices on third-party systems to ensure you have the best price information available
Add the item to a customized buy list
If the time is right for you to invest a little of your profits back into your business, this is a solid app to start with. It lets you do important product research, on the go.

A few examples of mobile applications that can help you get started:

Profit Bandit (from SellerEngine)
In general, Profit Bandit is a subscription-based scanning app that allows you to scan a barcode and see potential profits.

Scoutify2 (part of InventoryLab)
The price for InventoryLab is $40/month when paid annually. InventoryLab comes with many other benefits besides this app, and there is a 30-day free trial.

However, the Scoutify2 app allows sellers to:
- Find the profitability of an item
View restrictions and not purchase something they can’t sell
- See the current number of offers on that item on Amazon
- Check personal sales history if you have purchased this item before
- Use this information to make sure they found a great buy before making a purchase

Product Scouting Opportunities
Here the benefit of a custom solution would be to connect to as many relevant data points as a seller needs (different Amazon APIs), and to provide them with the backend functionalities they need. This can translate into using a specific algorithm to make suggestions, and/or providing the seller with a highly-editable view that allows them to analyze information in a much more sophisticated manner.

As in the examples above, we can connect that scanner to a database and provide you with more functionalities.

Automated Invoicing Tools

As your business grows and you process more sales, you will find yourself in a need of a system that helps with converting paper receipts into digital files. That’s where simple mobile apps come in quite handy. There are apps that allow you to easily scan your documents with your phone and turn them into PDF files.

There are a ton of apps that can help you with this, however here’s an example you can download and start using right ahead:

Scanbot SDK
The app allows sellers to easily scan documents with their phone and turns them into PDF files.

Invoicing Automation Opportunities

However, what we could now do is automate this process completely - until the files have arrived at their recipients. We can also do automated reading and standardization of documents (e.g., unified invoices), even in different languages.

Amazon Database Integration

In case your business is lacking a proficient pricing strategy, you’re going to struggle while growing into a successful Amazon seller. A solution to that problem would be to gain access to the Amazon pricing database, thus gaining the data you need to make informed pricing decisions.

Here are a few examples of apps that are connected to Amazon and will provide you with important data:

The FBAScan app allows sellers to find what they are looking for, even without an internet connection. Once a seller has this application all set up, they can scan any item’s barcode and see pricing information.

However, there’s much more to pricing products correctly.

Super FBA
Discouraged that many tools for Amazon sellers were limited to desktops, its creators developed Super FBA. Their app allows you to calculate margins, monthly ROI, and more.

The Pro Version will costs $1.99/month and allows sellers access to many additional features such as:
- A chart breakdown with a visual representation of their numbers
- To run a smart analysis to determine the potential of products
- Easily save and compare to other products

Custom Amazon Data Integration Services

We provide our clients with direct access to all the information they would need to make a decision.

We find our ways to integrate over a hundred different data points of the client’s choice, thus providing them with the exact data they need to analyze - in every granularity. We design applications so that they allow to analyze and process information exactly the way our clients need to.

You can read more about our data integration services by clicking here.

Amazon Repricing Tools

A so-called “repricer” semi- or fully-automatically adjusts the prices of sellers’ listings. Offering a competitive price in the marketplace is crucial for success. Prices not only entice shoppers but also help sellers compete for the Amazon Buy Box.

As you are about to see, these applications vary in their functions although performing the same task - optimize listing prices.

Some of the widely-spread tools of this sort include:

Seller Snap (AI)
As this AI-backed-up application generally takes care of your pricings, the entry monthly fee here would be $250, with plans going up to $800/mo.
Seller Snap is an automatic repricer that frequently analyzes a multitude of prices to detect the competitor's behavior and apply an optimal strategy, thus outsmarting them when it comes to pricing. Moreover, the app provides sellers with intuitive analytics.

Alpha Repricer (User Set Parameters)
Similar to Seller Snap, Alpha Repricer is another software that helps Amazon sellers adjust the prices of their listings.

In particular, Alpha Repricer adjusts listing prices based on parameters and rules set by the user. By itself, that’s already a major difference between both apps.

"The starting price for Alpha Repricer is $25 per month for one marketplace and 1,000 listings. For the most expensive price plan, Amazon sellers will have to pay $175 per month for 16 marketplaces and 50,000 listings" - SellerSnap

Feedvisor (AI / High-volume Sellers)
Feedvisor is another tool that can help Amazon sellers conveniently perform price adjustments. This repricing software offers automated repricing ideal for high-volume Amazon sellers. The AI-based repricer ensures optimal listings while increasing the Amazon Buy Box win rate.

Amazon Repricing Automation Opportunities

As you saw, some apps differentiate themselves in the way they supply the data needed for automized pricing or automized suggestions.

Together with our partners from Greenwald Brands, we’ve developed their own automized action-driven suggestions. In order to do that, they have personally chosen the data points they want us to connect their software tools with. This way, after integrating over 30 data points and implementing tailor-made algorithms, they now receive accurate automized suggestions for all of their listings.

Amazon Analytics and Performance Tools

Accross over a thousand companies carefully selected by a list of specific factors, a study showed that the ones that succeed are always a few steps ahead of their competition when it comes to market research. Therefore, it’s important for Amazon sellers to analyze their and others’ product performance. This helps understand customer behavior and gain insight from competitors.

Here are some examples of the best mobile Amazon seller tools to help you with your business analytics and performance needs.

Forecastly (Demand Forecasts)
Forecastly is a predictive Amazon tool that analyzes demand forecasts. It gives users access to insights about products that need replenishment, order quantity predictions, and the right time to place an order. Forecastly also helps users with understanding product seasonality.

Seller Analytics (part of Seller Snap)
As this application also has a repricing solution, it also offers users both simple and advanced analytics, both strategically designed to provide action-driven insights via replenishment data.

Another tool sellers can use for your analytics needs is DataHawk.

DataHawk fall into the “all-in-one solution” category as the app addresses SEO, ASINs data monitoring, market research, and sales reporting too.

The data these seller tools aggregate and/or produce gives sellers a much better understanding of their products, the market, as well as financial, and advertising performance.

Amazon Analytics Possibilities
Our custom repricing tools help users make informed decisions by allowing them to view different breakdowns depending on the data points they would like to analyze for taking a particular decision. For example, Greenwald Brands can now choose to only review the number of buyers within the 3% of the Amazon Buy Box, as well as the average product ranking for last 30, as well as last 7 days for products of a specific vendor.

Amazon Reimbursement Tools

Sellers are allowed to claim the amount owed to them by Amazon. Such situations could arise from FBA charging errors, lost inventory, and other inventory-management-related concerns. Yes, there are tools that help sellers manage reimbursement.

Here are a few examples:

Refunds Manager
Refunds Manager falls into the reimbursement management tools category as it searches for customer return issues and misapplied fees and helps return correct refunds to sellers. The application serves for managing the following issues:• Customer returns• Missing or damaged inventory• Overcharged commission payments• Overestimation of prices based on weight and size• Unresolved issues on the return policy and replacements

However, Refunds Manager takes a 25% commission on the reimbursements you get from Amazon.

AMZRefund (No Upfront Payment)
When it comes to refund or reimbursement, AMZRefund is one of the widely-spread reimbursement tools. They guarantee no upfront payments until certain that their clients are eligible for reimbursement.

FBA Refunds (Multiple Marketplaces)
In case you are dealing with multiple Amazon marketplaces, one of the best tools you can use is FBA Refunds.  In case you’re wondering, some of the countries the reimbursement service works for include Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Mexico, Amazon Spain, Amazon Italy, and more.

Amazon Reimbursement Automation Opportunities
We have created a module for our clients that nearly fully automates the reimbursement process.

Whenever they are placing an order to a vendor that hasn’t balanced payments yet, the system lets the user know. However, as our partner completes the check-in process, the system calculates what appears to be missing (compares information from the orders data) and allows for automated vendor dealings. However, once payments have been balanced, users need to confirm that the re-payment for that order has been received.

What our partners are left with is only sending the invoice to a particular vendor.

Amazon Advertising Tools

Advertising tools help Amazon sellers extend their reach and improve the visibility of their brand.

As sellers mostly have different advertisement needs, here are a couple of examples for advertising tools that encompass Amazon advertising optimization.

PPC Entourage
PPC Entourage is an advertising tool that uses Amazon-sponsored product campaigns. Тhe app is highly renowned for that it offers automated overview and organic visibility analysis at a relatively low entry fee.

→ Selling a large number of SKUs and not willing to pump up SaaS monthly fees? Software as a service solutions can do a wonderful job for sellers that are starting out, but it’s important to keep in mind that with the number of SKUs, these prices might skyrocket, thus an Amazon seller of serious scale might conversely save money with going for a custom software solution, as it remains at their disposable long after paying for its development and implementation.

Amazon Sponsored Brands
Perhaps one of the best advertising tools is Sponsored Brands by Amazon.

Pro tip: Professional sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry will have an opportunity to feature their brand logo, custom headline, and selection of products on an Amazon shopper’s result pages.

According to Amazon, sellers can bid the maximum amount they are willing to pay in CPC (cost per click) ads like Sponsored Brands.

Amazon Keyword Research and Tracking Tools

Keywords play a crucial role in achieving a favorable organic ranking on the Amazon search engine results page (SERP). Since using proper keywords is critical for listing optimization and product marketing, here are some useful Amazon seller tools for keyword research and tracking.

In order to achieve more organic traffic to your listings, one might want to start with doing keyword research. Both marketing and listing optimization are relying heavily on you using the proper keywords.

Here are some examples you can use right away:

The app is known for its smart keyword tracking, cloud-based application. It processes your listing’s rank through data scoring and thus helps find a specific organic keyword to boost rankings.

This app offers monitoring of 200 keywords for an entry fee of $27 per month. Its other plans each start at tracking 1000, and 5000 keywords which will set you back $97, and $297 per month respectively.

Google Keyword Planner (Free)
Although one may think at first “Okay, what does Google Keyword Planner have to do with Amazon”, well, it can provide you with very valuable data you can use for your Amazon listings as it shows a rough avarage of monthly searches and even competition data.

As a powerful tool, Google Keyword Planner is a free one Amazon sellers can start with.

However, it is important to mention that it shows data related to the Google search engine and not Amazon Search. However, Amazon functions within Google to a very serious extent.

Amazon Keyword Tool

This tool gives sellers access to search volumes, trends, costs per click, and even competition for a particular keyword. Similar to Google Keyword Planner, one can use this seller tool to find the best keywords for their listings.

Amazon Inventory Trackers and Management Tools

As securing your inventory during peak seasons is essential for staying in business, ordering more you could sell can seriously hold you back. In order to avoid both situations, one might really exploit modern technology. In other words, the use of the best Amazon seller tools for inventory management and tracking is a must for Amazon sellers.

Here are some examples:

If you are in the process of starting your Amazon business, you should check out Sellbrite as it offers reliable inventory reports, global inventory sync, and connectivity across multiple Amazon accounts.

Connectivity across multiple Accounts is a very common client request. When creating your own custom tools, you decide the number of accounts you would like to. Forget about logging in and out of different profiles on different Amazon marketplaces.

inFlow Inventory (Budget-Friendly)
If you are on a tight budget but still looking to have an inventory management tool for your Amazon business, inFlow Inventory might be the seller tool you are looking for. Apart from real-time monitoring of your warehouse, the app has a built-in barcode scanner.

inFlow Inventory’s basic plan starts at $79 per month. It also offers sellers the Small Business Plan, which costs $219 per month.

The system we have created has a variety of detailed product data (both manually inputted and integrated with Amazon) that our algorithms use to make restocking suggestions and let the user know if there are unbalanced payments or any issues with the product they wish to order. However, our clients required that the software remains highly customizable for their users. They now have access to more than 30 data points (e.g., # of sellers within 3% of the Amazon BuyBox) that can be filtered and sorted into 900 different breakdowns depending on how they need to review data about their inventory and orders.

Amazon Feedback and Review Monitoring Tools

The Amazon Buy Box algorithm takes into consideration both feedback in customer reviews. In order to improve their customer feedback, Amazon sellers have the opportunity to use tools to enlarge their Buy-Box share.

Feedbackwhiz allows its users to automatically send out thousands of individualized review request emails to their customers as it also keeps track of reviews and orders.

Just as Feedbackwhiz, the sole purpose of this tool is to get more reviews from customers and thus improve store credibility, customer ratings, and engagement.

Feedback Genius (part of SellerLabs)
In order to fulfill the same purpose, Feedback Genius provides messaging templates, automated scheduling of emails, and most importantly - detailed analytics.

Amazon Product Sourcing Tools

Sourcing new potentially winning-products is an essential process of running an Amazon seller business. However, staying in stock might also require researching suppliers and manufacturers.

In order to do both (and more), here are a few software tool examples one could use right away:

Instead of manually searching for products, this app helps users automate thousands of seller and supplier searches.

Tactical Arbitrage
This application allows users to quickly perform searches in over 1000 stores and various categories. Users can also check for specific product categories.

Online Arbitrage Deals
This application can help you find deals for your portfolio. Their algorithm provides auto-pilot FBA sourcing for the best arbitrage deals.

Amazon Listing Optimization Tools

Closely related to Search Engine Optimization, optimizing your listings can really help with organic ranking. It’s important to mention that optimized listings also have a higher chance of winning the Amazon Buy Box. Thus, listing optimization is an important process for third-party merchants.

AMZ One-Step
This tool with help with listing optimizations. It provides enhanced imagery and copy, thus helping sellers get a competitive advantage.

Viral Launch
If you’re looking to launch a product, this application can really help with one’s listing needs. These include keyword research and management, listing analysis, and Amazon SEO.

An app like MerchantWords helps sellers save time and money for managing their listings. Amazon SEO can also help for increasing listing visibility and thus traffic of potential buyers to your products.

Amazon Competitive Research Tools

Competitor research really helps for learning how to outperform other sellers. Here are a few tools that can get you going with your Amazon market research.

JumpSend (Free)
This free application helps you perform effective research and thus adjust prices accordingly.

Ahrefs is another trusted tool for Amazon SEO. Although often mentioned in relation to Google SEO, it’s a tool that can really help with listing optimization.

Just as Ahrefs, SEMrush is also often related to Amazon SEO. This app also does a great job of increasing organic traffic and understanding what competitors are willing to rank for.

Amazon Legal Services and Tools

We understand that could be a boring segment of the business, although sellers ought to pay attention to the legal part of operating on Amazon marketplace. However, there are tools that can help with different legal matters such as account suspensions, intellectual property, product liability, etc…

Here are a few legal tools and services.

Amazon Sellers Lawyer
Amazon Sellers Lawyer is a legal company that assists sellers in case their Amazon accounts have been suspended. Their employees are professionals from across the globe to cover all issues on different Amazon Marketplaces.

Amazon Experts Pro
Amazon Experts Pro offers Amazon legal services, including but not limited to Amazon Brand Registration, Amazon Suspension Appeal, and Amazon Trademark Registration. Amazon Experts Pro also boasts a 99,9% success rate.

Amazon Tax Services and Tools

Taxes are a critical aspect of running a business, on Amazon or not. Hence, Amazon sellers should put in effort into managing their taxes. Below we have listed a few apps that can help with managing tax requirements and responsibility.

TaxJar is such a tool that assists with tracking and managing sales tax, reports, and filings.

SimplyVAT can help Amazon sellers deal with their PAN-EU transactions, especially with their VAT obligations. SimplyVAT is more than willing to assist, whether registering for PAN-EU VAT or other VAT-related obligations. Pricing is reviewed upon request.

This app can be of serious support with filing taxes (Goods and Services Tax, Communications Tax, VAT, and Excise tax).

Outsourcing Amazon Tasks

Successful business management requires that sellers differentiate crucial business processes and ones that can be outsourced or delegated. There are many possibilities for reaching out to remote teams that can take care of the repetitive and mundane tasks in order for the seller to focus on their business instead of working in it.

Their team will assist you with hiring off-shore staffing, especially employees that have expertise in e-commerce, thus seriously increasing your productivity. MultiplyMii source, vet, and interview candidates to ensure meeting business standards.

FreeUp also allows sellers to hire a freelancer that will help with scaling your business. They have a pool of pre-vetter freelancers. Their network is of pre-vetted, highly-capable freelancers. Whether in need of a customer support expert or a research specialist, their platform will connect you to valuable human resources.

Final Thought

Running a successful Amazon business is not an easy feat. Therefore we hope that the tools above will help sellers expand and organize their Amazon businesses.

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